Archives for August 18, 2012

Saturday is for Laundry. And Indian Food. And fleas.

Saturday is for Laundry. And Indian Food. And fleas.

We could do without the fleas, though.

I am such a slugabed. Today I got up at noon. Because Eddie woke me up.

I showered. And then met Edmund at the Dancing Elephant for lunch. Well, for me it was brunch, since I wasn’t awake for breakfast.

Then laundry. We did it together, which is always nice. Easier for both of us. Even though we do laundry differently from each other and keep saying things like: “Well, I wait until they are all folded until I put them in the bag.” The Clothes are clean and we are still speaking, so put that into the WIN category.

32 Gigs of AWESOME!

32 Gigs of AWESOME!

Then I was tired. So I took a nap (played Zynga Poker) while Edmund played golf. After a couple of hours, I went online and killed time while figuring out what I wanted to do next. Then I finished adding my new 32Gig SD card to my phone.

All of a sudden it was after 8pm.

Edmund called, he was at Mom’s house on flea duty, getting ready to vacuum. But we had wanted to purchase a flea collar to put in the vacuum bag to help kill all the fleas he vacuumed up. And he was already at Mom’s house doing stuff. So I went to CVS, then Hannaford, and purchased the LAST flea collar in Westbrook. Brought it over to Mom’s house.

I did not walk in the house. I stood on the stoop, helped Edmund with the vacuum and then made a graceful exit.

Back at home. Trying to decide if I should make another couch or not. Thinking that it won’t get done.

That’s okay.

At least I’m posting this before midnight. As far as you know.