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Friday-night Copout

Hanging with Edmund tonight as he prepares to travel to Pennsylvania. Good times.

Regular blagging will commence.

That’s what I need: Laughter

Or some dancing and joy:


I feel better. How about you?

Leverage this

Watching Leverage, getting the newest Lounging with LannaLee ready to publish tomorrow. It’s a good one. Watch for it.

Not very talkative tonight. Ed’s Dad had an MRI on Monday, looks like he might have a tumor. We don’t know for sure, so I’m going to stew in this sea of denial for now, if you don’t mind.

Too Busy Doing Stuff And Stuff

Too Busy Doing Stuff And Stuff

Lounging with LannaLee RULES in New England

Lounging with LannaLee RULES in New England

Here is one of the things I was doing. Making graphs and stuff.

So. Lounging with LannaLee has lots of listens.

Increase of listens per month since March

Increase of listens per month since March. [The first Three months are an average.]

So I will show you my graphs and go to bed. Because that’s how I roll.

And in the Northeast!

Lounging with LannaLee RULES in the Northeast, too!

Gnome-Worthy Business Plan

Gnome-Worthy Business Plan

Underpants GnomesMy next guest on Lounging with LannaLee (Steve Trombulak, look for his episode on Thursday) got it right when we were talking after we recorded the show on Saturday. I mentioned that I’d love to get paid to do Lounging with LannaLee, but haven’t figured out how that would work.

Steve said:

It’s like the Undperpants Gnomes!
Step 1: Make Podcast
Step 2: …
Step 3: PROFIT!

I said: Exactly!

Are you familiar with the Underpants Gnomes? They’re from a South Park Episode. As depicted in the screen shot, they “Collect” underpants (by stealing them). Eventually this was to lead to profit. So. As Steve intimated, I’ve been making my podcast. Collecting it, you might say. How long must I wait for profit!?

I find it very amusing that my business plan is EXACTLY like the Gnomes’ plan. The Gnomes’ plan has been running through my mind for a few months now, and it I found it HILARIOUS that Steve caught on from the get go.

The thing is, as I mentioned last week, I’ll be speaking at the #140conf State of Now SmallTown Conference on November 8th in KANSAS. For those of you keeping score, it is approximately 1750 miles away. It would take 30 hours to drive there. So I was thinking, how awesome could we make this? An epic Train Trip with my Bureau of Awesome pal (and hubby) Edmund, perhaps. Podcasting Half-Way Across AMERICA, perchance?! To that end, I’m working on a plan to do an indiegogo campaign AND a live Lounging show.

[Indiegogo is like Kickstarter, but the difference is that all funds raised will go to me regardless of whether I reach the stated goal. This means that if I raise half the money I want and am able to kick in the rest myself, I can still go.]

Look, I will unabashedly be asking people for money. If you have extra funds, I hope you would consider giving me some of them. The indiegogo campaign will have prizes/perks for each level of giving, please choose whatever you feel most comfortable giving. I am also working on some sponsorship ideas and will have a donate button for long-term giving for expenses.

If you DON’T have funds, I will still need people to spread the word by sharing links to my podcast and to anything else that is coming up, like the indiegogo, the live show, whatever. If you can RT or repost in Twitter or Facebook or Google+, I will really appreciate it. Because PR and getting the word out is just as important.

Fun with Video

Here are some videos I made a few months ago. You should watch them. Because I’m in them.

You’re Welcome.

Saturday: From the LLL Vault – Alex Steed @AlexSteed

Saturday: From the LLL Vault – Alex Steed @AlexSteed

Alex Steed

Alex Steed is holding a couch. Of Awesome!

Hey! While Edmund and I are off doing some poetry and eating some meat, why don’t you enjoy this blast from the past. The very first episode of Lounging with LannaLee featuring the incomparable Alex Steed!

Alex is a great sport and we had an excellent conversation. Right out of the gate with AWESOME!

Here is what I said about the episode:

LannaLee and Alex Steed talk about, Kickstarter, Facebook/Are you really my friend?, and Twitter. Alex lets Lanna know just what a Community Digital Specialist is. And he answers 10 questions. Lounging with LannaLee inaugural episode.

Click it! Commence to the listening!

Lounging with @Broke207

Lounging with @Broke207

Allie lounges with LannaLee and gets a couch!

Allie lounges with LannaLee and gets a couch!

I tell all potential guests on Lounging with LannaLee that we need just an hour to record our episode. And that is true. I plan on doing a half hour episode, a few minutes to get set up, a few minutes at the end, I can really get it all done in an hour. But. Part of the beauty of Lounging with ME is that sometimes my guest has some free time, and we get to lounge some more. That’s what happened when I lounged with Broke207, or Alexandra Munier.

I arrived at 12:30. We chatted for about a half hour, and then we started the podcast, the real lounge. And here is another part of the beauty of Lounging with LannaLee. I’m the boss. The show ends when I want it to end. And we were having a great conversation. And I wasn’t done yet. So we kept talking. Because, although I shoot for a half-hour show, the truth is, the show can be as long (or as short) as I want it to be. Sometimes a half hour is enough. Sometimes it isn’t. We still hung out for another hour or so, talking.

If you are not familiar with Allie Munier, this link (that I really really want you to click on and want you to listen to the episode and whatnot) will give you all her pertinent information. She is brilliant and funny and fascinating (like all of my guests). We had a great and spirited discussion about her veganism, being thrifty and dog people. Also: pasties!

So listen now. You won’t regret it.

Oh. And then this happened:

Close Personal Friend of Saul Colt!

Close Personal Friend of Saul Colt!

And still (this always happens), I thought of more things I wanted to talk about on my way home!

Couch Production

Couch Production

I Lounged with LannaLee Chachkis

These are not the couches you are looking for.

Tonight I sewed some cushy things to be assembled into Lounging with LannaLee couches. I will be bringing them to the house party (for Poetry & Meat!) I’m going to this weekend. There, if I have a free moment, I will hand sew the new couches together.

I know this is boring. But it’s all I got today.

Today was pretty good. Not thinking about bad things. Bad things are BAD! Good things are GOOD!

Couches GOOD!

Bad things BAD!



Henry Davis and George Hamm

Henry Davis and George Hamm at the Comedy Connection, Thanksgiving 2011

Ed’s Dad has been told he can’t drive any more. This is a huge deal for many reasons, but mostly because of what it might mean, that his cancer is back.

So for now we will remain hopeful, knowing that his previous MRIs showed nothing. His next scheduled MRI is on Monday, and we should know more after that.

Again, we count our blessings. As Eddie says in his blog post, we’ve been living on borrowed time: Henry’s recovery from his bout with cancer was a miracle of sorts. My brother says, “He’s a walking miracle.” That he is.

I don’t think my heart can take it.

So far, 2012 can suck it.



My VanThe Maheux-/Davis-Quinn household is having a mini-financial crisis. All because I have a car (Mini-Van) I need to drive to work. And this wonderful car got a problem with a valve thingy and then there was a problem with a gasket (not THE gasket, I suppose, just another one.)

To the tune of $404.13.

That’s Four HUNDRED and FOUR dollars and thirteen cents.

Excuse me.

Done hyperventilating now.

So. It hurt, but we paid it. My savings, wiped out (again). Now we are going to have to economize hardcore until our next paychecks, all coming at the end of the month.

But here we go. For the most part, Edmund and I are doing pretty well. We are making enough to pay our bills plus do some fun stuff. We got behind on our bills from the (fun, awesome) trip we took in June, and as of last week we were almost caught up. And one broken car upsets the apple cart. [The proverbial apple cart. We don’t really HAVE an apple cart.]

It’s not devastating or anything. It just sucks.

Like, we’re not going to be eating Ramen noodles and Ritz Crackers – [one of my favorite “I’m poor” meals. You dip the crackers in the broth and eat the noodles with chopsticks (so you feel cool.)] We might be eating a higher ratio of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but they’re awesome anyway. Fortunately we stocked up on some ice cream a few days ago – so we have that going for us.

Notice that I’m cheerfully avoiding that elephant in the room, the living paycheck-to-paycheck elephant. Well, it can just stay unnoticed as far as I’m concerned.

Workity Working

Workity Working

typeFun deadlines have me clickety clacking on my computer. Click, Clack. Brief Genius Statistical Data thing. CRUNCH the DATA!

Wait for download.


Still waiting.



Clickety clack.

Copy. Paste. Copy. Paste. Copy. Paste.


Clickety Clack.


Thinkity think.

Thinking. Puzzling.


Java Java, not javascript the hard stuff using the Java to CRUNCH the datas.


I’ll be back

I’ll be back

The Terminator on my TV!

The Terminator on my TV!

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. Just watching The Terminator on the television.

Good day today, Lounged with Allie from Broke207 and didn’t really do much else. Except for try to vacuum a bit at my Mom’s house.

And get bitten by fleas.

Also. I found out that I will be speaking at the upcoming #140conf State of Now SmallTown Conference on November 8th. Yay! Trying to figure out how I’m going to get there. To that end, looking for sponsors! And whatnot. Good thing I have a couple of months to figure it out!

I will be talking about how my family and I used social media, namely this blag and Facebook, to communicate during my Dad’s terminal illness, and how it helped us cope. Lots of Laughs! – don’t worry, there will be humor.

So. It’s time for bed (to play Zynga Poker).

Saturday is for Laundry. And Indian Food. And fleas.

Saturday is for Laundry. And Indian Food. And fleas.

We could do without the fleas, though.

I am such a slugabed. Today I got up at noon. Because Eddie woke me up.

I showered. And then met Edmund at the Dancing Elephant for lunch. Well, for me it was brunch, since I wasn’t awake for breakfast.

Then laundry. We did it together, which is always nice. Easier for both of us. Even though we do laundry differently from each other and keep saying things like: “Well, I wait until they are all folded until I put them in the bag.” The Clothes are clean and we are still speaking, so put that into the WIN category.

32 Gigs of AWESOME!

32 Gigs of AWESOME!

Then I was tired. So I took a nap (played Zynga Poker) while Edmund played golf. After a couple of hours, I went online and killed time while figuring out what I wanted to do next. Then I finished adding my new 32Gig SD card to my phone.

All of a sudden it was after 8pm.

Edmund called, he was at Mom’s house on flea duty, getting ready to vacuum. But we had wanted to purchase a flea collar to put in the vacuum bag to help kill all the fleas he vacuumed up. And he was already at Mom’s house doing stuff. So I went to CVS, then Hannaford, and purchased the LAST flea collar in Westbrook. Brought it over to Mom’s house.

I did not walk in the house. I stood on the stoop, helped Edmund with the vacuum and then made a graceful exit.

Back at home. Trying to decide if I should make another couch or not. Thinking that it won’t get done.

That’s okay.

At least I’m posting this before midnight. As far as you know.

New from the Lounge: LLL Podcast with @TheRichBrooks

New from the Lounge: LLL Podcast with @TheRichBrooks

Rich Lounges with LannaLee and gets a couch!

Rich Lounges with LannaLee and gets a couch!

Wednesday night, I sat down with Rich Brooks and we talked. We had a great conversation, in fact. And I recorded it for posterity.

Rich’s office was perfect for lounging. He had a nice red couch that I sat in, and he sat in a leather chair. As often happens after a great Lounge, we talked longer after the show was “in the can.”

Rich gives good lounge. You should listen to it.

I will keep linking to this podcast until you click on it.


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