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A newsletter for the ages

A newsletter for the ages

Link to: GotThink? a newsletter for the agesStarting in August I’ll be offering a newsletter that is cross-purposed! To bring all my fans together (all tens of you!)

Here is the plan: You sign up. (This is critical). If you sign up, you will get a free gift! An e-copy of an unpublished, very short story I wrote. (If you don’t sign up, you won’t. And then you will have a sad.) The short story is already there, waiting for you in the Welcome email. It will be AWESOME!

And then, starting in August, every week you will get an email from me. With highlights of what I’m thinking about, what’s happening in the world, and a personal message just for you.

The theme will be: GotThink.

What have we got for you think about? Technology, communication, fiction, balloon animals, geek stuff: here is the place I will crystallize all the things I do into one place. An overview, you might say. And there will be exclusive free stuff: stories, pictures, special podcasts – as a member of the GotThink team, you will have first dibs on some pretty cool stuff.

Here is your call to action: Join the list. Share this post. Tell your friends.

Let’s start the conversation…

Sign Up to receive Awesome in your mailbox once per week! Podcast Awesome with Lounging with LannaLee! Musings of Lanna Lee Maheux Awesome! And special Awesome, an exclusive note every week, just for email subscribers.

And as a bonus, those who sign up for the list will receive an exclusive, free, unpublished e-story written by ME, LannaLee.

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