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Sleepy on a Saturday

Sleepy on a Saturday

Me and Loki - My Mom's CatI was sleepy on a Saturday. Who knew that could happen? Also, I read a book this evening. (Yes, a whole book.) Said book is below. It’s only two bucks for the Amazon Kindle and it was totally worth it. It’s a romance novel; a take on the Cinderella story. It’s clever and funny and a fast read. Obviously.

So today was (mostly) a lazy day. And now it’s time for me to sleep again.

You see, I am procrastinating hard core. So tomorrow I will be leaving my house and hanging out at Panera all day. I have to finish writing my presentation for WordCamp!

Therefore, no deep and thoughtful blag post for you. I have some things percolating, interesting insights to the Lounging with LannaLee show, something that might make it more clear what Lounging with LannaLee is all about. Exciting for me, of course. Probably not as exciting for you, my dear readers. The end result, however, might titillate my audience: a rocking, LIVE Lounging with LannaLee. So. We have that going for us.

Also, you sticklers in the crowd might notice that I may have back-dated this post to occur on July 7th. A 35-40 minute discrepancy from the actual time I am posting it. I have done this before and will likely do it again. I hold the following:

  • I am on the East Coast and in the Eastern Time Zone. It is still July 7th in a couple more time zones.
  • I have not gone to bed yet, so as far as my body/personage is concerned it is still July 7th.
  • You sticklers have no sense of humor
  • Whatever

Here is the book I read. It was fun.