Mom, Tom, Dot and Me

Dottie, Tom, Dot (seated), Me

Mom, who’s name is Dottie, has four brothers and no sisters. However, she calls her childhood friend, who’s name is Dot, “Sis.” I talked about Dot on Christmas Eve last year, when Edmund shaved Dot’s head.

Dot has lung cancer. She is my mother’s best friend. We lost my father very recently to the same disease. Well, he had a different type of cancer cell than she does, but both had origins from the lungs.

This is where I curse cancer and whatnot. Because it really f*ck*ing sucks.

Dot has been in the hospital off and on over the past few weeks. She is now in hospice care at home and is surrounded by fantastic people who are taking care of her and making sure she is okay. Most of these people are volunteering their time. Twenty-four hours a day. Seven days a week.

We were just informed this week that she was feeling well enough for visitors. Mom and I decided to drive up Friday night (tonight) to visit. I called to let Cindy (the fantastic woman coordinating the care) know and we found out that Dot’s brother Tom was visiting from Missouri. Great! It was a date.

I worked from home and left work early. I picked up Mom at her house. We drove to Hallowell (where Dot lives). We had a lovely time. I hadn’t seen Tom since I was a kid. While he and I went to get some takeout, the two Dotties got some alone time. And we talked and laughed and joked all night. Then we had Archie, one of Dot’s angels, take our picture together on the camera Cindy left behind just for that purpose. Archie was also nice enough to take a couple with my camera (above).

And we talked about Dad.

Sometimes it’s just too much, too soon.

I am grateful for the good times, for the laughter we shared tonight. The teasing. The family stories. The love.

How many times can your heart break?

  • Sdamren1

    This is a lovely~Dot and Tommy are my mothers cousins. So sad, Dotty is such a wonderful woman…I think of her when I was growing up and she used to come stay with us….the good times in Guilford at camp etc

  • Marion Stock

    dot was alway around when i grew up in monson i use to get soda and candy and as i grew up gas and cig at there store. i use to sit up there and learn to crochett and knit from her and her mother in law. she will be missed she is with her husband now. god love them both. inez strom stock

  • Sdamren1

    Oh, I remember going to the store to visit with Aunt Faye, Vi and Erwin, Dot and Tommy….we used to sit and talk and like you said knitting and crocheting. It was good family time!