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A Day for Mom

A Day for Mom

Mom in her first Limo

Mom in her first Limo At her retirement in 2010

You know how they say we have to take the bitter with the sweet. Well, today has been mostly sweet – I spent most of it with my mother. And Edmund spent his day with his Mom. Because of Dad’s funeral service, Edmund’s parents drove up from Pennsylvania. And since Edmund has some bereavement time off, they stayed a few extra days.

While Ed and his parents went to church and out to lunch, Mom and I went out to lunch and to get manicures and pedicures. Our first professional work done. Mom’s verdict: “I could get used to this.”

Camp CullMy brother called while Mom and I were at lunch to wish her a happy Mother’s day. He also informed me that he was still the #1 child – and since he is taking up the project of finishing the basement and foundation at Camp Cull, he’s probably right.

People want to know how Mom is doing. She’s doing pretty well, considering. We all miss Dad, but she is the one with the daily reminder that he’s no longer around. “It is what it is” is what Dad would say, and so does Mom. One day at a time and keeping in mind that he’d want us to be happy.

Right now our thoughts are with my cousin Adam, who is very sick in the hospital, and my cousin Teresa, who has stage-three brain cancer. When it rains it pours.

LilacsHere are the lilacs Edmund and I got Mom for the funeral, refreshed with fresh lilacs from beside my house. [Which I didn’t notice until today. I’ve lived here since 2005.] When my parents got married in 1966, it was the beginning of June and in Guilford Maine the lilacs were blooming. Every year since then my father contrived to get Mom lilacs in the summertime. Even when he was consulting in Russia, he mailed lilacs to her. Naturally, Mom wanted some lilacs for Dad’s service.

Final resting place for Walter MaheuxWhile I was working with my pal Trish to get the arrangement together, Dad’s sister Millie surprised Mom by mailing lilacs from California. They were so beautiful and we left them at Dad’s graveside.

All in all, today has been a beautiful day. Edmund and I each enjoyed the gorgeous weather and quality time with the best Mom ever! [He with his mom and me with mine.]