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Everything’s coming up PODCAST!

Everything’s coming up PODCAST!

Edmund lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

Edmund lounged with LannaLee and got a couch!

I know it, you know it. You don’t want to read my middling scribblings. What you want is a bit of tom-foolery and delight. Some verbal repartee, perhaps. Laughter and funtimes.

Well, wait no longer! We have not one, not two but THREE fantabulous fresh podcasts for you.

Lounging with LannaLee episode #012 Edmund Davis-Quinn: Year of Spirit

Edmund and Lanna talk about spirit, blogging, The Bureau of Awesome, and heart centered-meditation. Edmund gets into the flow as he schools Lanna on the Portland Maine Poetry scene and how to use the Library system. And he answers 10 questions.

listen here

Bureau of Awesome episode #07: Cheerfully Depressed

Lanna and Edmund chat about Magic the Gathering, Dominion and other games. Lanna announces she is cheerfully depressed. They explain why they haven’t podcasted since January and talk about the grieving process. And woods funk. There be woods funk.

listen here

The Lex and Lanna Show episode #25: Chia Seeds are Totally Healthy

Lex and Lanna are back with a rousing edition of the Lex and Lanna Show! They talk about Lex’s pedagogical opinions, the healthfulness of Chia Seeds and how Lanna has been cheating by lounging with a bunch of other people. Lex asks if Yahoo killed Flickr, and wants to know about where she can store her pictures on the cloud. Lanna talks about the awesomeness of, and paying someone $5 to write her a theme song. And they promise to do it again real soon.

listen here

You’re welcome!

Stream of consciousness

I think my ankle is borked up.

Is borked a word? I’m not sure. Sometimes I think of words and they seem perfect for the sentence forming in my mind, but my uncertainty forces me to wait to use it in print until I Google it or something. Because I don’t want to look stupid or nothing.

Maybe life would be better if I just let go. And stopped worried about whether I look stupid or not. I’m kinda half-way there already! Look at my videos!

I rest my case.

Hey look, it’s NOT a video

Hey look, it’s NOT a video

To the Woods!But I still don’t feel like writing anything.

Edmund and I got back yesterday from a (mostly) glorious weekend in the woods with some of our favorite people. We are glad to be back at home with our comfortable bed and close-by toilet facilities.

I miss the belly laughs.

I am in a bit of a pickle because I don’t have a new Lounging with LannaLee episode for Thursday. I might ask my gamer boss if he and his gamer daughter can be on the show. That would be fun. Or I might not have an episode this week. Not sure.

Anyway, it’s time to calm down and go to bed, already.


Pitch My life

Wherein I pitch my life:

Sing a song

Wherein I talk about music.

World Domination, Yo!

What’s your world domination plan?


Last fall I wrote a piece called Mystery Men as a freewrite for my Memoir Class.

Here I talk about one of my mystery men a different way:

[My freewrite was better.]

Podcast Thursday – Update and the County

Podcast Thursday – Update and the County

Because I am away, I decided to publish the newest Lounging with LannaLee podcast a couple of days early. For those of you who look for it on Thursday, it’s ready!

Here is an update on Lounging with LannaLee:

Reality Bites

My relationship to reality shows. Specifically the celebrity ones.

Open Letter to Ne’er-do-wells

So there.


Everyone’s a critic:

The Vlog, it is Pink!

I don’t know what to talk about. So let it be PINK!

IKEA! Fun for everyone

IKEA! Fun for everyone

Today I went to IKEA on the fabulous IKEA Bus (planned by blogger Allie Munier/Broke207) and it was awesome. And I’m exhausted from the shopping.

Me and Mom - she in mid-scold. On the IKEA bus.
And the best thing? My Mom came with me. [Here she is, mid-scold.]

It was a great and exhausting day. Totally recommend.

Pink! A Pictorial

Pink! A Pictorial

I was feeling a little frisky tonight. So I decided to go PINK!

Here is the before:

Whoops, got some all over my face. No idea how to get it out:

And the finished product.

Me likey!

Podcast Thursday: now with Valley Girls!

Podcast Thursday: now with Valley Girls!

The newest podcast is ready. And I took the step to move it to a new podcast host. So bully for me. It’s a little different interface than the old podcast, so please let me know how it works for you.

So here, take a listen. Click on the play button above, or visit the webpage to have two options for listening.