Last Picture Show

Last Picture Show

Dad Last PhotoThis is the last picture taken of Dad. It was taken on February 28th, while he was still in the hospital. There was no opportunity to take another one. Funny how that happens. You always think there is more time, until it slips away.

And now we are left behind to figure out how we can live without him. Life seems a bit duller. He was supposed to live forever. Didn’t God get the Memo?

I suppose we’ll survive. We’ll get by on firsts. The first Easter, first Mother’s Day, the first Father’s Day, the first 4th of July, the first Thanksgiving, and the first Christmas without him. We’ll have some practice. Right now I’m working my way through the first Tuesday without him. So far, so good.

I miss him.

I don’t see this getting better for a long time.

  • Harriman95661

    Lanna not sure hon you ever get “over” it. With time it makes it easier to survive but get over. cant say I have and its been almost 13 yrs.
    Let us know if there IS ANYTHING we can do from a far. Love you all

  • Harriman95661

    by the way. What a handsome man even sick….<3

  • Edmund Charles Davis-Quinn

    Walter was a beautiful man, a beloved father, friend and family member. It hurts, it will hurt for a while. I am mourning too. We loved him, and always will.

  • Beth Soper

    Lanna, my Dad has been gone for 6 yrs. and I still cry on all those special days and on other days just because. It will be easier…….someday

  • Jslovell

    It is hard to go on without those we love, but your Dad lives on in everyone he came in contact with and especially in your Mom, Bill and you. Know it is hard to take right now, but in time it will get easier. I found with the loss of my parents that talking and remembering about them was a great help. You never get over it but it will get easier to cope and after all these years I can still feel my parents presence in all I do and it is now very calming to me. Take care Lanna.