My Grumps, My Grumps, My lovely lady grumps

My Grumps, My Grumps, My lovely lady grumps

It's a big schnozz, but I like it anywayThis picture is of me in a better mood. You will thank me for not snapping a self-portrait right now. For I am grumpy. Oh, so grumpy.

I probably just need some sleep. But this whole thing we are going through really sucks. And my positivity has taken a nap (a dirt nap, if you will.) [gallows humor. gotta love it.]

So I be grumpy and whatnot and you can’t stop me.

BTW: The internet is made of cats.

[Okay, now I’m slightly less grumpy.]


  1. Margaret says:

    Gotta feel all your feelings. It sucks what you are going through. What your family is going through. You have every right to feel grumpy. Fuck grumpy; maybe despair, anger, rage. I’m not suggesting that you stop and hang out in the grumpy-zone. But you’re going to need to visit there. I’d worry (more) about you if you didn’t. I think of you all everyday. Sending my love.

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