Big Doings with Lounging with LannaLee

If you follow the blag here, you know my family is going through a lot with my Dad being sick and all. And you also know I started a crazy project, Lounging with LannaLee, that launched in March.

Fortunately, I recorded 5 episodes in late January/early February, so I was able to start on time even in the midst of chaos. Next week, I will run out of episodes. I have a plan, though. If everything goes well (Dad is still kicking, etc.), I’ll be recording a new episode with a friend this weekend. I am a superstitious sort, so I don’t want to name names, but rest assured she is super awesome, and you will love her. Totally.

Once I get past this weekend, I’m going to book another one. And I am going to try my damndest to keep up with my once-per-week podcast production schedule.

I am really pleased with the response I’ve had with the 3 episodes that have run already. Just last week, I signed Lounging with LannaLee up for iTunes. And the guest for this week is Orion Foxwood. Here he talks about his experience recording his episode:

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