Super Trooper

Super Trooper

Mom with a Frosty BeverageMy Mom is the best one. The super best Mom ever. Don’t get me wrong, she’s no push-over, & she is intimately familiar with how to administer tough love. But when you’re sick, her mom-mommy-ness goes in full force. She’ll bring you things. Pat your head. She makes you feel better. She is so good at the nursing part of mothering that, when sick, I didn’t stop calling for my mother until I was in my 30s.

Now Dad is sick. And she is right there, getting him to do things and helping him feel better. There may come a time where his care might become too much for her, and we have a plan in place for that contingency, but right now Dad is at home where we all want him to be, getting the best care he can get.

Mom and DadMy parents have always had a close marriage. They are best friends, lovers, and partners in crime, and if you were to look for a relationship to emulate, you couldn’t do much better. They complement each other, and back each other up. They communicate well. Very well. When I was a kid, my parents would sit in the kitchen after dinner and talk. Sometimes for hours. In their later years, they talked in the morning. Up until Dad went in the hospital.

Mom and Dad have been married 45 years, and they were looking forward to going many more. So, while Dad’s illness has been a big blow, it has been devastating for my Mom. But she has been putting her “big girl panties” on, and fighting the good fight. Packing her house up to move, tending to Dad, keeping lines of communication open with our extended family. Right now her focus is Dad and his care.

I give Mom props. For her loving and understanding care of my Dad. For stepping outside of her comfort zone and taking care of things that Dad used to do. And, most of all, for keeping a sense of humor throughout all of this.


  1. Smmelia78 says:

    What more can you say, she’s all that and more!

  2. Edmund Davis-Quinn says:

    Beautiful post.

  3. Harriman95661 says:

    Hope to have what your parents have in 20 years. (25 down 20 to go) Theyre the best in laws a person can ask for. love you all

  4. Dot Mithee says:

    That says it all Lanna. She is truly a remarkable person and she has faced this with courage and strength. My prayer is that she and Walter get some time in the new place. Even if he is non responsive, he will know that she is settled. I feel so fortunate to have been invited into this remarkable family.

  5. Margaret Miller-Finch says:

    Give your dear mom a hug for me. She’s amazing. Both of your parents are. You take after them.

  6. I never had the chance to really get to know your parents, with one thing or another, I never got up to Maine to see them, but the couple times I did visit, they were wonderful people.
    I will never forget the thanksgiving dinner where he built a table for the whole crew in half an hour, and right after dinner, down it came, just as fast. I doubt he would know me, but tell him I said “hi” anyway. If there’s anything we can do down here, let me know.

  7. Can Cuz - Val says:

    Wonderful tribute. I’d like to add another point. They always took a beautiful picture. I’m so glad I have a few. Hope you don’t mind if I use your post in my Genealogy Book. This Canadian Cousin has never felt farther away. Please pass on my hugs to both your Dad and Mom.

  8. Sue Greenleaf Flynn says:

    Great photos… have not seen your parents for many years… sounds like the special couple I knew way back when in Monson…. Thoughts and prayers are with you all and really admire the strength you all have… you are very nice to keep others in the loop.

  9. Diane White says:

    That is a very nice write up, Lanna. I think of you guys every day. Your Mom and I pretty much grew up together, and I just know she is doing a good job taking care of your Dad.

  10. Sophie01923 says:

    It takes a special person to do what your mom is doing. My prayer is that God will continue to give you all the strength that you all need. Trust in Him and He will see you through. sophie take care all

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