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Bucket List

Bucket List

Dad the Chef

Dad the Chef - Photo by Betty-Jean Bennett

It seems like every thing on Dad’s bucket list is food.

Last Saturday my brother Bill and I conspired to make one item from Dad’s bucket list – French Dip. We made enough for an army (in fact, there was plenty left over for leftovers the next day.) Today Dad told Mom he wanted some Chinese food (Sesame chicken and Pork Fried Rice.) On Friday Bill and I will be coordinating the acquisition of Poutine [From The Frog and Turtle, natch].

Dad has a basket attached to his walker so he can put food in it. He has a passion for ice cream, he’ll pile up a small bowl, put it in the basket and walk it right back to his hospital bed. When I visited tonight, Dad had a sleeve of Oreo cookies and a glass of milk. Mom was getting ready to go to the store for yogurt and he put in a request for vanilla and chocolate pudding. Mom says he’s eating a lot. And that’s a good thing.

As far as bucket lists go, fantasizing about delicious food-stuffs is not a bad way to amuse oneself. It shows my Dad has few regrets.