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Good Day

Good Day

Stick a fork in me, I’m done. But, damn, that was a pretty good day.

Got up this morning whilst cursing daylight savings time; went to my parent’s house. My Dad was at the kitchen table directing the cooking of donuts. {Don’t get no better.} Mom, Bill, cousin Jim and I went to check out a trailer Mom wants to buy. She put an offer on it.

Got back to my parent’s house, Carl and his wife Jen (one of Bill’s best friends) were chilling with Dad and Tracy and Maygen (Jim’s wife and daughter). More donuts were being made. Dad’s friend Dave and his wife Cheryl came over next. Then Edmund came over. [This was after a full day of visitors yesterday, been a great weekend for visits!]

To cover all the bases, Mom, Tracy and I went to look at a small rental house in Westbrook. Nah.

We made up the rest of the French Dip sandwiches Bill and I conspired to make for Saturday There was not enough meat for everyone, so me, Tracy and Maygen opted to go out to eat. But first I got a call, and as a result we (Me, Mom, Billy, Jimmy, Tracy & Maygen) went to look at a different trailer. Mom liked that one too.

HelloWhile we were gone, Edmund met Dave and Cheryl over at the ARL to pick up Gus! [Yay!] They live on a farm in the Dexter area, now Gus will have plenty of space to play, lots of doggy friends and he’ll have a good time. Dad opted not to see Gus before he went up north, but Dad was very glad to hear that Gus was finally settled. So were we.

When we got back from looking at the second trailer, Tracy, Maygen and I were so hungry. But first Billy and Jimmy had to take out my tail light and Bill’s headlight so we could go to the auto parts store to buy new ones. On the way to the store, we stopped at Dairy Queen in Westbrook and got food and ice cream. MMMMMMM. Lunch and dinner at the same time!

We got the lights. While waiting for Billy and Jimmy to replace them, we hung out with Dad in the living room. He went out to the bathroom. On his way back he stopped off in the kitchen to get some (more) ice cream. Mom put a basket on his walker just so he could bring ice cream back into the living room (where his hospital bed is set up.)

It don’t get no better, he says.

Looking pretty much like Mom is going to buy a trailer. If we can get that done in the next week or so, she’ll be all set. All she will have to do now is pack and move.