Archives for March 2, 2012

Not so happy go lucky

We got the results from Dad’s biopsy back today. Not good. He has small cell cancer, which grows fast. They did not give him much time.

Which was, of course, our hope. That we would have some time with him. A few months, a year maybe. But it’s not to be.

Sometimes it’s hard to see a silver lining. Or the blessing.

So I guess the blessing is this: that we DO have time with him. That, in spite of his plans, he did not “drop dead.” He is still here, with us, and he’s still making jokes. And we can say good-bye.

Maybe it can be like those phone calls when you are a teen: “You say good-bye.” “No, you.” “No, you say it.” “You say good-bye.”

I’m not going to say it. Not for a hundred years.