Good and bad day. Worked from home then went to the hospital to see Dad in the afternoon. He had his third day of radiation and, although he was not affected by it earlier, he had nausea and vomiting today and not up for much talking. We hung out in the next room and checked up on him every now and again.

Dad’s sister Millie came in from California today. She arrived at about dinner time. Dad rallied for a moment to say hi, but then he went back to sleep. Mom didn’t want to leave him so Millie, Bill Edmund, and I went out to dinner to J’s Oyster bar. We had a nice time and Millie picked up the tab. (Very sweet of her.)

Hoping to get up early and catch Dad before he gets radiation tomorrow.


  1. Edmund Davis-Quinn says:

    And Oysters, delicious oysters and steamers, delicious steamers. Oh how I love you, bivalves.

  2. margaret says:

    Thinking about your amazing family.

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