Another Day. More Cheering needed.

Well, I can say it now. My Dad is sick, lung cancer which has spread to other parts of his body: his liver, lymph nodes and his brain. My mom, brother and I have been at Maine Med for the past couple of days with Dad. Edmund has been a great support while making sure the dogs were taken care of, which takes a load off my mother’s mind.

We do not have a full prognosis yet, the next step is a biopsy of the tumor in his lung. Therefore, we’re still waiting to see if there is a suggested treatment. Whether or not Dad would want to do treatment, we don’t really know.

Tonight, when I came home from the hospital, I watched some YouTube videos. They made me laugh and feel better. So now I share them with you.

Theresa Davis is your rock star poet:

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats:

And some Star Trek mashups.

You spin me Round:

Too Sexy:

Tik Tok:

Well, I feel better.