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Good and bad day. Worked from home then went to the hospital to see Dad in the afternoon. He had his third day of radiation and, although he was not affected by it earlier, he had nausea and vomiting today and not up for much talking. We hung out in the next room and checked up on him every now and again.

Dad’s sister Millie came in from California today. She arrived at about dinner time. Dad rallied for a moment to say hi, but then he went back to sleep. Mom didn’t want to leave him so Millie, Bill Edmund, and I went out to dinner to J’s Oyster bar. We had a nice time and Millie picked up the tab. (Very sweet of her.)

Hoping to get up early and catch Dad before he gets radiation tomorrow.



The PatientIf you follow this blag, you’ll already know my Dad, Walter Maheux, is in the hospital right now. He’s got a large tumor in one lung, and spots in his lungs, liver, lymph nodes and brain. He also had pneumonia, but I think that’s almost over.

Let me be frank: this is it. This is his swan song. I’m not sure he can recover from this.

But I have hope. And there are blessings. And in many ways my brother (Bill), mother (Dottie), and I feel like we’re lucky. Because now I think we can have some good time with my Dad. What they call quality time.

My blessings, let me show you them:

  • It is a blessing that, when my father was driving erratically with my mother and dogs in the truck, no one was hurt. Not even the truck.
  • It is a blessing that my mother convinced my father to stop driving and go to the doctors to find out what was happening.
  • It is a blessing that the physician’s assistant ordered an x-ray for my father.
  • It is a blessing that the doctor called my Mom the next day and asked them to go into the doctor’s office.
  • It is a blessing that my mother saw my father cough up and vomit blood.
  • It is a blessing that my father coughed up and vomited blood at the doctor’s office and they sent him directly (do not pass go) to the emergency room.
  • It is a blessing that my brother and I both work at places that let us leave work immediately so we could meet our parents at the hospital.
  • It is a blessing too that our places of work also gave us both time away to spend supporting my Mom and Dad as well as to help come to grips with what was happening.
  • It is a blessing that I have a husband (Edmund) who is ready with hugs, jokes and love whenever I need it.
  • It is a blessing that Edmund doesn’t mind letting the dogs out so we can stay at the hospital.
  • It is a blessing that we all have wicked senses of humor and try to find something to laugh about at every opportunity.
  • It is a blessing that once we got the word out about Dad’s illness, he had visits from friends and relatives right away with more coming.
  • It is a blessing that the staff at the Maine Medical Center is caring for us all with compassion, tact and a bit of humor.
  • It is a blessing that we have a tool like Facebook that we can use to keep our extended families informed about Dad’s progress and prognoses.

And the biggest blessing is that my father looks and acts like he is feeling the best he has in months. This gives me the most hope of all.


Beyond all this today. I think I need to go to bed early.

Sometimes keeping a positive attitude is exhausting.

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Update: Dad’s still in hospital. Doing better. If you want to keep abreast of what’s going on with him, he has a Facebook Page here, Walter Maheux (you need a Facebook account to access it).

So. I’m going to do another video post. This time it’s my favorite me videos. [Ones I’ve recorded.]


Dramatic Reading of Google Voice Transcribed Phone messages:

[I start sounding like Christopher Walken somewhere in the middle there.]


Lenny and Squiggy vs. the crazy chicken

[I got said chicken from Edmund’s sister/brother-in-law for my college graduation.]

That is all.

Tired Lanna is Tired

It’s been an exhausting week. I’m only posting this today because I don’t want to break my post-every-day streak.

That’s what happens when you make a crazy commitment to make a blog blag post every day. Sometimes the posts come off a bit half-assed & lame.

Deal with it.

Grumpily yours,


Thank Someone it’s Friday

My father was scheduled to have a biopsy today. It was postponed until Monday because we were concerned about excessive bleeding (he is being weaned off of a blood thinner right now.)

Every time I think of the biopsy, I think of this scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding when Andrea Martin* talks about her “bobopsy”.

And I chuckle.

*Hey, Andrea Martin is from Portland, Maine! That’s cool.

Another Day. More Cheering needed.

Well, I can say it now. My Dad is sick, lung cancer which has spread to other parts of his body: his liver, lymph nodes and his brain. My mom, brother and I have been at Maine Med for the past couple of days with Dad. Edmund has been a great support while making sure the dogs were taken care of, which takes a load off my mother’s mind.

We do not have a full prognosis yet, the next step is a biopsy of the tumor in his lung. Therefore, we’re still waiting to see if there is a suggested treatment. Whether or not Dad would want to do treatment, we don’t really know.

Tonight, when I came home from the hospital, I watched some YouTube videos. They made me laugh and feel better. So now I share them with you.

Theresa Davis is your rock star poet:

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats:

And some Star Trek mashups.

You spin me Round:

Too Sexy:

Tik Tok:

Well, I feel better.

I need some cheering up.

I need some cheering up.

Eddie!Here are some things that make me happy.

Let’s start with a picture of my dear sweetie, Edmund. Here he models a shirt I won at a recent Social Media Breakfast.




And a picture of my dear kitties:
Lenny & Squiggy

Here is a song I LOVE:

And another:

And this song will always do it for me:

Okay. I feel better.

Stay on Target

Stay on Target

typeOkay. Launching Lounging with LannaLee next week and I have so much I want to do before then. Like TONS.

One thing, the newsletter. It goes out on Sunday, and on it there will be some honest to goodness information about upcoming shows. Super awesome, huh?

Call to Action: Subscribe to the Lounging with LannaLee mailing list today!

Today’s mission: to stay on target.

Off to write a post on the Lounging with LannaLee blog.

Drooling into space

Home. Where the kitties are. Today was a day off from work. I spent it lunching with a friend and visiting with my parents. ————————–aRFGHAHA

Do. Not. Want. To. Write.

My brain is fried and all I want to do is to spend my time drooling into space. And I don’t mean spacey space, with the stars and the moon and the nebulas and the swirls and the possible alien incursions. I mean space like the white, white wall, or my unfocused gaze toward the television, or my favorite: gazing into my hair over the front of my face, like Cousin It.

I was going to cheat and do a video blog tonight, but I didn’t think that 2 minutes of unfocused gazing whilst drooling would not win me any new fans. So I abstained. Yay me.

I need some pleather pants. With Lycra. And Spandex. And a couple of people to help me put them on.

I need my own makeup artist. Who has some shellac.

Observation: Cold Case is a depressing show. And it doesn’t have any hot dudes to make up for it, like Criminal Minds does. And I swear the lead chick is a vampire woman. So pale. So very pale. Cold and pale. Like a cold case, even. And by the way, how in the hell does a show get away with not having any hot dudes? I suppose there is one passably handsome dude, but he’s no Shemar Moore.

That is all.

Update: A Glorious, Amazing, Crazy, Stupendous Year

A Vlog update on my Glorious, Amazing, Crazy, Stupendous Year:

Caturday: The Truth is out

It’s Caturday, people!


We’re leaving today to go to Boskone.

Let me tell you about it:

What’s Going On

Wherein our hero, Lanna Lee Maheux tells you what’s going on. Enjoy.

Taxes, Toastmasters, and time

Taxes, Toastmasters, and time

Office with  a viewTaxes are done. Finally. Glad that’s over.

I have heartburn.

I joined Toastmasters again.

Watching Star Trek on tv is distracting when you want to blag.

Tomorrow is the local Maine TweetUp at Gritty’s. I want to go, but I probably should come home instead. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I could use the down time. Especially since I will be going away AGAIN this weekend. I have tons of stuff I want to get done before March, and the time to get said stuff done is eeking away so quickly. I have a feeling I will make the final decision at the last minute on whether I will go or not. I’m leaning toward no, but you never know.