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In a Funk

In a Funk

Self-Portrait 12-27-2011Edmund noticed it last week, and I’ve noticed it too. I’m in a funk. A little maudlin (without the alcohol.) I suspect that even though the only thing in my life that changed was that I’m not going to school anymore, it’s because of this major life transition, i.e. I’m not going to school anymore. I’m not going to school anymore! Yikes!

Part of it is that this whole life transition thing really hasn’t sunk in. We are still in a time of year I wouldn’t normally be taking classes, I’d be enjoying a break before the spring semester begins. It isn’t real yet.

I have lots of projects I want to do, but I am plagued with insecurity and doubt. What if they don’t work out? What if I fail? Soon I will remind myself that it doesn’t matter if I fail, I just got to do it. [And then I think, what if I fail?] I know I need a bit more time off. This weekend will be for laundry (yes, I’ll do the laundry, jeeze) and office cleaning and vegging. Starting at the first of the year, I’ll start working on those projects again, and work on some goals:

  1. My goal. To be in a funk:
  2. Or a funk:
  3. How about a funk:

Okay, that worked. I feel better already.