Kid Pack

Kid Pack

Kid Pack of Popcorn and SodaWhen I go to the movies I like to get the popcorn and soda. Sometimes I get a hot dog and soda. Sometimes I get popcorn, soda and candy. And sometimes I get a hot dog, popcorn and soda. I know. It’s wicked expensive. What can I say, I have expensive tastes.

Sure, I could smuggle in a can or bottle of soda, but frankly, I prefer fountain Coke. I have smuggled in popcorn before, but I don’t like to. I felt guilty. And they frown on big bags or backpacks nowadays, making dishonest snack smuggling harder.

Today I was not too hungry, so I got a kid pack. [Pictured above.] It has just enough popcorn and you can get either M&M’s or Gummy Bears. I usually get the M&M’s, but have had so much chocolate lately I got the Gummy bears today. The soda size is smaller than I like, but since it is a kid pack, I suppose it’s just the right size. Funny though, they only have one kind of straw. So the straw I used is GINORMUS – 3 times the size of the cup itself!

I like to arrive at least 20 minutes before the movie starts. Okay, that’s a lie. It’s really 30 minutes to an hour. Saying “20 minutes” makes me seem more normal. I like to get a good seat, read my book for a while, go pee a few times. I start getting antsy at about 15 minutes before the movie starts, especially if I’m not at the movie theatre yet. Today I arrived a half hour before the movie, bought my ticket, went pee, and then bought my kids pack. [I washed my hands around there somewhere too.]

I saw Arthur Christmas: Totes recommend! Very funny, appropriate for all ages.

Anyway, before Arthur Christmas they played a video. A Justin Bieber video. I have, to this point in my life, avoided watching any Justin Bieber videos. And here I was, trapped in my movie seat, having paid $7.50 for my ticket (matinee price, yo), watching a Justin Bieber video (which follows*). And it was okay in its steam punky, Santa-clausy, break-dancery, Justin-Bieber-wants-to-be-next-Michael-Jacksony goodness. See what I mean:

So, Merry Christmas everyone.

*Video also posted in honor of my biggest blog fan Tracey, who requested “More Bieber” on my website. This post is for you, Tracey!

What do you think? Do you like Justin Bieber?