Archives for December 17, 2011



Lenny Chilling in my ChairDo you have cats? As you may have guessed, if you’ve been reading along here, we have two cats, Lenny and Squiggy. Pictured to the left is dear Lenny. The Lenster. Lenny Lenster. Lenny the Nudge.

Do you have pets and do you come up with weird names for them? Me neither.

When I do my nighttime stumbles to the bathroom, Lenny will weave around my legs, and then plop down on the floor in front of the toilet while I, you know, do my business. Why? I don’t know. He rolls around and otherwise looks adorable. I’m not the most cheerful person in the morning (we’ve discussed this) and usually I’m trying to maintain my calmness so I can go right back to sleep. I note the cuteness, but I do not pet him. Instead I coldly make my way back to bed. In effect, ignoring the cute.

Squiggy on my chairThis morning it was Squiggy at my feet in the bathroom. Looking adorable. At first, due to my myopia, I thought it was Lenny, but then I caught sight of Squiggy’s handsome face with its distinctive black spot on his nose. Definitely Squiggy. I ignored him like I do Lenny. However, I found Lenny at the foot of my bed. And when I got back under the covers, he came back and laid on my chest and forced me to pet him. Clearly it was Lenny time.

And clearly, Lenny and Squiggy were in cahoots! Cat-hoots?!

So today, on Caturday, Edmund and I will spend together. Cuddling with our cats and otherwise enjoying life. And waiting in anticipation for the next time its Lenny Time, and for who will be the lucky recipient of such.

Do you have cats or any other pets? And do you give them silly nicknames?