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Hey look, I balance a ruler on my finger to illustrate balanceBalance. One of my goals for the following year is to achieve some sort of balance in my life. With work, play, and life in general. I’ve lost a bit of my balance in going back to school. It is only now in the aftermath of my last couple of classes, that I can realize it.

After I finished my Stats final on Monday, it was like the string holding my body together snapped. My back is killing me and I am walking around like I’m an old person (no offence, old people.) It is clear I need to work on reducing my stress. How, I don’t really know, but I think Balance would be a great place to start.

I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. They always seem to not happen. But. I have done goals. [Evidence my recent completion of my bachelor’s degree.] So. I will have some goals for the next year.

What’s the difference? I think what bothers me about “resolutions” is that you are resolving to do something – so if you don’t or can’t manage to do it, you’ve failed in some way. And usually the resolution is so broad, so undefined – it’s hard to hang your hat on it. But goals. They can change. If you can’t attain a goal, maybe you need to try it a new way or make a new goal.

Take this blog blag, for instance. Up until the end of October of this year, my posting on it was sporadic at best. I would resolve to post more. I would feel bad about posting more. Neither would work as a tactic. Instead I made a goal. I would post every day in November. I knew I was very busy, so it didn’t matter when I wrote the post (so I could schedule posts ahead) I just needed to have one post each day. The posts didn’t need to be good. No one needed to read them. They just needed to be done. For some reason, this worked for me. When I thought about blagging differently, it suddenly became easier.

So my goal for the coming year, starting now (why wait?) is to achieve balance. Sometimes I will be a little right or left of center, other times I might be way off, but there will be times I’ll be smack dab in the middle and blissing out on awesome.

Do you do New Years Resolutions? Do tell! Why or why not?