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I worked late tonight, had a good head of steam going and I went with it. Then I went shopping for our company holiday party which will happen on Friday. Items procured for said office party were a combination of foodstuffs and a top secret Yankee Swap gift.

(I am writing this on my phone because I don’t want to turn on my computer, so please forgive any imperfections.)

I will be making a Garlic Feta Cheese Spread, recipe from my Mom. Crackers and veggies on the side.

I love Yankee Swaps. Are you familiar with them? The rules vary, but the gist is: anyone who wants to participate buys a gift within a certain dollar amount, my office has a $30 cap, when I worked at USM it was between $5-10. The gifts can be funny, valuable, or jokey. One year, when I had my shit together, I got a bunch of stuff from Think Geek, it was a Nerd Gift. Last year I bought some Simpsons pint glasses and a 6 pack of beer. This year I’m not tellin’, but I think it’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, all the gifts are put in a pile, and everyone who brought a gift draws a number. The higher number the better, but the best is number 1. The first person (#1) picks out a gift and open it. Person #2 can decide to take either person #1’s gift or open a new one. Going in numerical order, each susequent person can either take an already opened gift from someone else, or choose an unopened one. At the end, person 1 can choose to take anyone’s gift. Now at my work we have a rule that one item can’t be swapped more than 3 times – otherwise we might be there all night.

And no, the image shown is not a hint on what my Yankee Swap gift is. It’s just my new mouse pad with squishies. Why did I post it? Because it serves as the first photo I will post from my phone and I forgot to take a shopping photo.

That’s all I have.