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Friday Fun

Friday Fun

A Dominion GamePreparing for my Stats final by playing Dominion with my husband, reading romance novels, and planning world domination.

How do you prepare for tests?

Tomorrow at five p.m. my professor will Release The Kracken! post the final exam on USM’s BlackBoard system. And I will download it. And I will spend the following 48 hours gnashing my teeth and scribbling numbers and symbols onto white paper and screaming and getting snacks and not watching television and trying to find music to listen to that will help me study and lying in a stupor and hugging a squirming cat and listlessly checking my Facebook feed and hyperventilating and scribbling some more numbers and symbols on white paper and erasing things and — well, you get the picture.

And by five p.m. on Monday I will be done with this whole mess, barring any annoying red-tape thingys I didn’t catch in time, and will have satisfied the requirements for my Math Minor and my undergraduate degree. After six long years I will be done. Still doesn’t seem real yet.

How do you deal with transitions? Also – know anything about Stats? I might need a life-line. Or something.