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Great ideas and OMG I have to do HOMEWORK!

Great ideas and OMG I have to do HOMEWORK!

Had a great idea on the way home from work today. A non-fiction book topic that kind of slapped me up by the head and said “Hey, you should write about me, duh.” And I was like, duh, I should. So I came home from work, opened up my trusty Pac-Man Moleskine, and started sketching out the book. I have chapters, and subtitles, it’s fleshing out pretty well.


Today is Tuesday, December 6th. Tomorrow is Wednesday, December 7th – which also corresponds with my last Memoir writing class. And while writing down ideas for my new book is awesome it is not the same as polishing the rest of my stories, catching up on my other writings and creating a portfolio. That’s right, as the headline says, I’ve got to do homework!. ARgh!

Almost there.

Overwhelmed with what I want to do, which may or may not be equal to what I need to do. I need to write, that’s for sure, and I am not finding inspiration on the Facebooks or the Twitter. Well, that’s not exactly true. I have plenty of inspiration, but not targeted toward Memoir writing. Instead Twitter and Facebook are inspiring me to watch fun videos, comment on current events, make stupid jokes, and cry at Tim Minchin songs. Stuff I can do again next week, after my Stats final (don’t even get me started on that!)

So. I am going to post this bloggy thing and chill out for awhile. Until my dear husband, Edmund, brings me the delicious dinner he’s cooking (if the smells from the kitchen are any indication of deliciousness;). And then I will write.