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Second-to-last Stats Saturday

Second-to-last Stats Saturday

“What are you doing today, Lanna?”, you ask. Why yes, it’s another STATS Saturday! The second-to-last one in my undergraduate career. Soon there will be no more Stats Saturdays, but at this point, this thought does not make me sad. Instead I am terrified and excited that soon this will be all over and I can be a normal person again! Whatever that is.

“But Lanna,” you might say, “you are not now nor have you ever been a normal person.” And I will say SHUT UP YOU with your infernal asking me how I am doing and calling me not a normal person. I have had enough! Enough I say!

And then I will get a case of the vapors.

And then you would accuse me of reading too many romance novels when I should be doing something else, whether it be homework or sleeping, and I would have to concur that you are right. But I wouldn’t, because I am an ornery vile creature who cannot admit her own wrong doing. We would break up.

And then you’d say something funny or sweet and I would be charmed into forgiving you and your teremity. And you would forgive me my faults because you just can’t stay mad at me.

And then you ask me how I’m doing. And it all starts over again. In an endless cycle of ridiculousness.