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Saturday is for Stats And Trish!

What I should be doing:

1. My brain just exploded. 2. Shoulda paid attention in Stats class.
Stats Homework

What I’m thinking about:

Me and Trish at Port City Musix
Hanging with Trish

Tonight Trish will be here, we will hang out and it will be fine. Superfine, even.

Tomorrow, Trish, me and a few other women will be meeting on Peaks Island to talk about, a community of feisty and feminist Maine Women. We are just starting out, and will be discussing what we want to do and what our direction will be.

My goal in starting TheMainetrix is to create a Maine-based and supportive place to talk about issues that are important to me and to women, and to have that place be an online community. I want it to be diverse and most of all, I want it to be fun. I want it to be organic and grow from the group interaction, so tomorrow is an important first step, as it will hallmark the beginning of the collaborative process.

Now Back to Stats.

What do you think?