Written Kitten

OMG. This webpage, Written Kitten is fantastic!

It’s like you beg for a kitten and one magically appears. Here is what I wrote:

I need to see a kitten that is so awesome please show me some kittens right away i can’t wait to see some more kittens please let me wee some kitties I can’t really write much more would rather cut and paste, I suppose that would be cheating and I am not a cheater by any means hello everyone you are the best and I am the best and we are all the best the best and I want to see a kitty Please show me a kitty for the love of pete or george or one of the beatles.

I got to 100 words and a magical kitty appeared! Fantastic.


  1. I guess you saw my Tweet about it .. did it on my blog post .. it’s a nice little reward.

  2. I did. It was adorable. Thanks, Babe!

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