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Lenny vs. Squiggy

This morning I found Squiggy and Lenny chillaxing in @rurugby's chair.
This is Squiggy and Lenny shortly after they arrived at casa Quinn. They are much bigger now.

Here is how you can tell Lenny and Squiggy apart.

First we will start with the obvious: Lenny (left) has white and gray fur, Squiggy (right) has white and black fur. Lenny is a little bigger than Squiggy. And Squiggy’s nose has no white fur, he has an adorable black spot covering his whole nose, while the tip of Lenny’s nose is white.
Time for your closeup, kitties!

And there’s more.

Lenny likes to jump into things:
Lenny wonders how he will get out of this mess.

We call him Lenny the Nudge. He's up for recycling soon.

Squiggy is more inquisitive:
Bad kitty!

And jumps on the back of my office chair whenever I print something:
Squigman loves it when I print something.

Lenny has musical aspirations:
Lenny is not sure of this QChord thing.

Squiggy is more of a scholar:
You need helps writing paper?

Lenny loves to sleep in:
Lenny doesn't want to get up either

So does Squiggy:
Neither Squiggy nor I want to get up today.

And they are like peas and carrots:
Plows are interesting.

Snuggle bunnies:
Squiggy & Lenny are a purring machine.

The love Edmund more than me:

My boys.

And I am so glad they agreed to come live with us.
This is pretty nice to come home to