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Early Morning Frost

Early Morning Frost

I am not a morning person. Ask anyone who has lived with me. Anyone. In college I was notorious for my lack of morning grace. I was unaware of this, of course. Until the night I pulled an all-nighter. The next morning I walked around my dorm saying Hi to everyone, and their surprise was palpable “We usually don’t talk to you until after noon.” Because then was when I was nice.

I also don’t eat first thing in the morning. I can’t. Instead I wait until I get to work, where I usually have a fiber bar. Or some toast. But I need to be awake a bit first.

When I leave for work, I am still a bit bleary-eyed. And grumpy. It should not surprise you all to know that I fail a planning ahead in the morning, so I am going to share with you a piece of awesome that has made many a morning for me: My automatic car starter. As long as I remember to use it.

But when I do remember to use it… awesome.

Do you have a gadget/gizmo that makes your life just a little bit easier?