Making Flan

I made flan and some ornaments. As you do. In so doing, I forgot to write a post.

So here it is. My post. More tomorrow.

Working Late

Had a busy, busy day today.  Work, taking gifts to the kids,  and taking Edmund to the dermatologist.  Now I  working to make up time. And because I have stuff to do for tomorrow. 

I’m holed up in my home office,  drinking tea, and working. Working.  Working.  Streaming in the background is the Guardians of the Galazy. My body wants a nap.

I think it’s time for a cookie. 

Getting our geek on

Getting our geek on

Went to the Hobbit Marathon with new BFFs Melissa and Nicole (not sure I’m their BFFs yet, but they are mine because they love to do crazy things like sit in a movie theatre to watch 9 hours of back-to-back movies. <3 )

Melissa and I dressed up. Here we are with Bilbo Baggins:


We took a selfie:


We had a selfie fail:

Picture-in-picture fun:


And a proper picture of the three of us:


Was a great day.

Verdict on movies: the first two went very quickly,  was surprised at how easy they were to rewatch in the marathon setting. The final pic was really good, I laughed, I cried, and whatnot. The “extra” stuff they put in worked for me, it really felt like it was stuff you would’ve seen in the book if it wasn’t in Bilbo’s point of view. I loved Radagast. Loved, loved,  loved. And Galadriel is my spirit animal.

Still,  dwarfs are still not supposed to be hot. I suffered through with that.



Busy day in Lanna Land.


Did 2 loads of laundry (full disclosure,  Ed folded one of them. ) Put two loads in dishwasher (full disclosure,  one’s still in there.) Made some crock pot mac and cheese (full disclosure, good, not great.) Ed and I finished trimming the tree (full disclosure, it looks nice.) Watched the Empire Strikes Back, the original unedited version (full disclosure,  still tons of fun, Princess Leia is awesomesauce, and Han Solo is still the hottest.) And then I colored my hair, while watching Supernatural (full disclosure, I forgot to put on Vasoline first, so I have a ring of pink around my hairline. )

Tomorrow is The Hobbit all freaking day!

I am posting this after midnight,  but because I haven’t been to sleep yet,  it still counts.

Here are our kitties, enjoying the tree.



Oopsie Daisy

I have a metal nightstand on my side of the bed. We have one of those pillow top beds, so the nightstand has to be tall. It’s not the prettiest thing, but it works.

As I slept, my left hand kept tingling. You know how it happens, something happening in real life bleeds into your dream. Finally I woke up enough so that I could tell that my left hand was tangled up into my nightstand.

I really don’t know what happened.

I might have lashed out at it as I slept to knock the stand over, or did I knock it over when I moved my tangled-up hand? (Can I blame the cats?) Regardless, the nightstand was down along with everything on it. Including my glasses. [And Kindle Fire, and Phone, and Star Wars Moleskine Journal. Also: lots of Ricolas.]

I can’t see without my glasses.

As I worked the blood back into my hand, I heard the sound all cat stewards loathe to hear: the sound that indicates the process of producing cat-vomit.

There are no lights on in the bedroom, the light switch is across the room. Usually I use my smartphone as a flashlight during the night. My cell was somewhere on the floor. And I had to go to the bathroom.

Here I was, in bed, with no idea where my glasses were.

I’ll tell you this, I navigated the mine-field of our bedroom floor successfully, made it to the bathroom and back without stepping in cat vomit. Winning!

Side note: I am so glad we do NOT have a carpet in our bedroom. I am so glad we do NOT have a carpet in our bedroom.

Edmund is still sleeping. I can’t leave the bed because there is cat vomit somewhere and I have no way of avoiding it. So I go back to sleep.

An hour (or so) later, I hear that sound again. Cat Vomit: Round Two. That clinches it, I am stuck in bed.

Edmund is still sleeping.

Yes, yes, I COULD’VE woken Edmund up. But it’s Saturday, the only day of the week neither of us have to work, and it never really occurred to me as an option. The only option was to wait until he woke up.

So I went back to sleep.

And as soon as Edmund woke, I told him everything, about the cat vomit and my metal nightstand adventures. He found the vomit and cleaned it up. And then he picked up my nightstand and put everything back on it, and gave me my glasses.

I was free!

Butt Pillows + Cat Vomit == true love!

Too Many Pages Left

Too Many Pages Left

20141212_222037Remember on December 2nd when I said I had 65 pages to write in my Star Wars Moleskine before Decmber 15th? So I could start using my Hobbit Moleskine by the time I go to my Hobbit movie marathon on Monday?

Well, I have 50 49 pages left. Woo!

I gots some writing to do.

I tried to find my art pencils in my office. I know which container they are in, but I can’t remember if I unpacked it yet or not. I hope to find it so I can arts into my Moleskine.

Tonight Edmund and I scrounged up some dinner (he had yogurt and snackages, I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich), and watched a 30 on 30 documentary, and then watched Big Trouble in Little china. Where this happened:

The movie was enjoyed.

Now Edmund is asleep and I’ve been wrestling with my computer for the last hour so I can write this post (no lie). [While waiting for it to boot back up I shopped for a Microsoft Surface 3 on my smartphone. Want. All the gigs and processors and stuff – i.e. the most powerful one.]

Hey. I might know where those pencils are…

Girl, 3-4 Years

Girl, 3-4 Years

Moving to a new state, working a new job, means doing new things, participating in events that are similar but different.

My office does a holiday program called adopt-a-kid where we adopt a couple classrooms from a city-run child development center in Bridgeport. We purchase and wrap gifts for children who might not be getting many gifts at home.

My kid is a girl, 3-4 years.

The best part is that we get to go to the school and present our gifts directly to the students.

We were instructed to purchase hat and gloves, a coloring book and crayons and a larger gift that costs between $20-30 dollars.

Here is what I purchased:


Of course I angsted a lot over this purchase. What if she doesn’t like pink? My current proclivities aside, I did not like pink when I was a kid (pink was a “girl’s” color). Oh. What if she doesn’t like princesses?

I chose the larger gift of the princess costumes because I was looking for something she could play with, and imaginative play is fun!

When I was a little I wanted to be Bugs Bunny. When I was a tween I pretended I was Nancy Drew. That said, I probably would’ve LOVED this gift. The skirts are separate from the tops so she can even mix and match. Fun fun!

I got the Hello Kitty book because it was BIG and it had STICKERS! The hat and gloves came with a scarf, which was nice, and I had enough other colors in them so that if she were the one girl who didn’t like pink, she might find a color she does like in them.

I llove how we are doing this. I’ve done toy drives at previous jobs and it was a bit more impersonal. This seems like it will be lots of fun.

Butt Pillows

Butt Pillows

One evening last week, as I watched Angel (or something like it) in the living room, I heard a big crash on the stairs to the basement (where we sleep and where my office is.) Edmund fell down the stairs and went boom. He’s okay, but he might have broken his butt or something. The bruise didn’t start looking good until today.

As we drove around on Saturday and I took corners and went over bumps he expressed his dismay and his being-in-painness. I was amused. Working on Sunday/Monday he was in pain too. I giggled.

I should probably be more empathetic.

Come to find out, he truly might have fractured something in his butt (or bruised it), so at the advice of one of his nurse friends, I went on a quest for a butt pillow after work on Monday.

Love is buying your sweetie a butt pillow.

I found one at CVS. It was inflatable. No problem, I’m a professional inflator (aka balloon twister), I can blow it up.

I couldn’t blow it up.

I think we needed to poke a hole in the nozzle or something. Edmund went back on Tuesday (aka yesterday) to return/replace it. They only had the one type.

Same problem.

On the way home last night, we stopped at Walgreens and purchased this bad boy:

New  Band: Foamy Butt Pillow

Well, Ed purchased it and I stayed in the car and read my book. (I posted about my book reading last night, so I won’t talk about it here.)

So now we are the proud owners of a working foamy butt pillow.

Name of my next band: Foamy Butt Pillow.

Book Hangover

Book Hangover

I predict that tomorrow I’ll have a book hangover. Don’t let the date of this post fool you, I really wrote this a 1:42 am December 10th.

I read the latest Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child book, Blue Labyrinth. Started and finished. Well, first I finished rereading White Fire, their previous book in the Pendergast series. I’ve been reading that one for a few days. I probably should’ve waited to start the new one, but I was hooked from the start.

I shared the love of this book series with Edmund’s Dad, Henry. So, of course I think about how much he would’ve liked reading it. I miss having someone to talk to about the books, and Pendergast. Bitter sweet, indeed.

In other news, I made a smoothie and it was delicious AND crazy easy to make.


That is all.

Almost forgot

Almost forgot

Almost forgot to post! My night started out frustrating and ended out real fine.


Here is a picture of a cat.

I never have to leave home again

I never have to leave home again


I made peanut sauce and fresh spring rolls today and now I never need to leave home again.

I might be exaggerating.  Because, you know,  I’ll have to BUY ingredients for my peanut sauce and spring rolls. But no matter! That’s why I got married, right?

I would say it was a lazy day, but I did stuff. Did I tell you I made peanut sauce and fresh spring rolls? I did.

I was going to bake a pie. That didn’t happen. And neither did a nap.

But, and my mother would be pleased to hear this,  I did dishes. Lots and lots of dishes.

I am exhausted. Time to read a book!


Quick Pickles

Quick Pickles

I made quick pickles today. Carrots and cucumbers and radishes.

I didn’t even know it was possible, how it was done.


Tomorrow the plan is to make some bahn mi’s and spring rolls.  Because: deliciousness.

We had a good day today.  Shopping for food stuff. Watching Star Wars and the most recent episode of Agents of Shield. Now I am considering going to bed.

Tomorrow I cook.

For No Good Reason

While Edmund is working his magic in the kitchen, I’m downstairs in my office banging out my latest blag post. Trying not to wait ’til the last minute. Again.

I’ve been very tired lately. I’ve mentioned this earlier. Today, in addition to the tiredness, I felt sick. And I know it’s partly because I’ve been staying up late for no good reason.

Sure, I’d be watching Angel or Buffy, reading a book, journaling, blagging, or playing Angry Birds Transformers, but something useful? I was not doing it.

Here is what goes through my mind: “Oh. It’s 11:30. I should go to bed. If only I could stop this Angel episode. But I haven’t written in my journal yet. And maybe I should do a Faerie’s Oracle reading on myself. And after that, work on my tarot skills. I should read some of that non-fiction-learny book I’ve wanted to read for a while. Oh. I need to do my three-fold alignment/dove exercise.” An hour later, I get into bed and play Angry Birds Transformers for another hour.

And the thing is, I know I “should” go to sleep earlier, I know sleep is one of the most important things, but I haven’t been able to force myself to go to sleep at a reasonable time.

Well, one day this week I was in bed by 11 pm. That was nice. I fell asleep around midnight. When I get into bed at midnight sometimes I’m up to 1 or 2 am.

I feel like I am spinning my wheels.

Maybe this is just a phase.

Crispy Done Time

Hey look. Another post! I’d say I was back on the blagging wagon again, but I don’t want to freak myself out.

It’s Thursday. My mouth opens in a ginormous yawn. Gearing up for an awesome TGIF tomorrow.

It’s a quarter to midnight.

Had a good day today. Busy at work. I was very tired because I suck at going to bed at a reasonable hour. Went out with co-workers (and Edmund!) after work for drinks and dinner.

We went to the Bricks & Barley Tavern in Shelton. Edmund and I ordered several things to try. We especially liked the grilled cheese sandwich and the fries. Hot dog was good too.

It was in the ladies room I saw the weirdest thing. Here is their sink/faucet. Trippy!

[If you want to hear sound, hover over the video and click the little x by the speaker symbol. It’s just water pouring and me saying “weird. So please yourself.]

Now it’s 9 minutes to midnight. I should click Publish soon! So I get my post in by the end of the day!

Quest For Coffee

It’s a new job and a new state, but my mornings start the same as they did in Maine – with my Quest for Coffee. This morning, because I forgot to wash out my cup yesterday, I went to the upstairs kitchen to wash out my mug. Alas, there was no soap. So my quest continued to the 2nd floor, where I inquired of Sandra if we had more dish soap and if so, where was it. She showed me, and I was set free with the knowing.

(The same thing happened yesterday, no soap in the upstairs kitchen so I went to the downstairs kitchen to wash out my mug. This time I figured it would be best to find soap so when I go TOMORROW to wash out my cup in the morning, I don’t have to go downstairs. And yes, I forgot to wash my mug again.)

I brought the soap back to the upstairs and cleaned out my cup.

And then I walked back to the 1/2 kitchen (no sink) closest to my desk and made my coffee. And it was good.

All the while I was thinking of my Quest For Coffee.

Which in turn reminded me of the movie Quest for Fire, which I saw in a hotel room in Houlton or Fort Kent Maine in the mid-1980’s. I was there with the Foxcroft Academy Wrestling team and I remember laughing and giggling about the movie with Tammy Linkfield – who is my friend to this day. And then, of course, I think of Tammy. And I think “Quest for Coffee”, which is much less salacious than the “Quest For Fire” movie. And I giggle in my mind (so no one can hear me and think I’m weird.)

And now I am blagging about it.

It’s a vicious cycle.